Setting up the gift product

Setting inherit information of gift product from original product

Delete gift products after turning off the offers

By default, this feature is always enabled so all cloned products can be removed after deactivating the offers.

Include compare-at price in gift product

If you enable this feature, the gift product will show. Once this setting is enabled, the gift product will show up with a crossed price on cart.

Gift products' SKU/Barcode format

By default, the gift products cloned by our app will have a Same as the original SKU/Barcode.

You can also customize your SKU/Barcode format between the following options: - Same as original product - Same as original product with a suffix - Blank

This would help if you are using an inventory management system or 3rd party fulfillment for your store.

Gift product title format

Choose your preferred format, it would be among the 3 below. Please reactivate the offers once you've changed this setting.

Sale channels

By default, the gift products will be published only on Online Store. If you have other sales channels such as POS or Mobile app, you can automatically publish them using this feature.

However, please carefully revise your campaign and contact our support team if you plan to execute the offers on many different channels.

Include other original product details

By default, we will not duplicate the information of the original products into the gift products. You can automatically include them by this setting.

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