Customizing gift slider

Gift slider displays all the gift products that customers are eligible to receive. It will appear when customers have met the conditions of the offers.

How to enable the gift slider

The gift slider is shown when customers need to select their gift. This usually happens when there are multiple gift products available in the offers.

Here is an example of how it looks like on your storefront:

Customization options


Customize general information about the gift slider here:

  • Gift display: Select your preferred way to list out gifts in the slider, by products or by variants

  • Number of products on gift slider: Set the number of gifts displayed on each page of the slider

  • Product title: Decide if you want to show the product title

  • Variant title: Decide if you want to show the variant title

  • Pagination: Decide if you want to show the pagination

  • Checkbox to disable slider: This checkbox lets customers temporarily disable the slider. Set the time duration in minutes.


Customize the language to fit your offers' purpose, including:

  • Gift slider title

  • Add to cart button

  • Disable slider text


Customize the colors of the slider to match your store's branding, including:

  • Gift slider title

  • Product title

  • Original price

  • Discounted price

  • Add to cart title

  • Add to cart background


The brandmark 'Powered by BOGOS: Free Gift & Buy X get Y' is generated by BOGOS. You can contact our Livechat support if you request to remove it.

If you have any questions, just send us a message via Live Chat or email us at Good luck with your promotion campaign!

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