Managing gift inventory

Manage the inventory of the gift product in your store.

When you select a product to be the gift of your offer, the app will clone a new product from your original product.

By default, all cloned products won’t be tracked in inventory. You can select your preferred method to track the inventory of gift items.

There are two ways to manage the gift inventory:

  1. Sync gift products' quantity with original products' quantity The original product quantity will be deducted once customers receive gifts. When the gift is out of stock: - Stop the offers: Offers will stop when the quantity equals 0 - Continue selling: Offers will not stop, and the quantity can be a negative number

  2. Manual input inventory for cloned gift products The gift products quantity will be deducted once customers receive gifts. After creating an offer, you need to go to each cloned gift product in Shopify Admin > Products to input inventory for them.

After you've changed this function, please reset the offers by reactivating all offers.

If you have any questions, just send us a message via Live Chat or email us at Good luck with your promotion campaign!

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