2. How to create a Buy one get one (BOGO) offer?

A Buy One Get One (BOGO) or Buy X Get Y is a sales campaign in which customers purchasing a specific product will be offered another gift.

Here are the steps to create a BOGO.

Step 1: Click Create Offer

Step 2: Choose condition: In Offer main condition > Add main condition > choose Specific product condition > Add this condition

Step 3: Select products. Customers will need to buy these products first to receive gift.

If you want to create a 'Buy more, get more' (eg: buy 2 get 1 > buy 4 get 2...), please tick the Multiply gifts with number of products option.

Step 4: Select gifts. Choose the gift of the offer. You can change the gift discount percentage and the number of gifts customers will receive.

Step 5: Click Publish to publish your offer on your online store immediately. Click Save draft to save the offer setup first, but not publish it yet.

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