Customizing cart message

The Cart message will show up on the cart page to notify customers about the offer. It motivates customers to buy more toward the conditions of your offer and will disappear when the job is done!

How to enable the cart message

To enable and edit the content of the cart message, please navigate to each offer. Each offer will have a different message, and when there are multiple messages, they will take turns showing one at a time.

Here is an example of how it looks like on your storefront:

Customization options

Aside from the content of the cart message, you can adjust its appearance in the Customization page:

  • Show on cart page: Decide to activate or deactivate the message on the cart page

  • Cart message color: Customize the colors to match your store's branding

By default, the Cart message shows only on the cart page. Contact us via Live chat if you want to further display it on the home page, collection page, product page... or on your drawer cart.

Countdown message

If you want to have a "countdown message" on the cart page, for example: Spend $xx more to get gift, you can try formatting the cart message this way (as the Cart message is HTML supported)

Spend {{sca_min_total}} more to get FREE GIFT

Spend {{sca_min_quantity}} more to get FREE GIFT

If you have any questions, just send us a message via Live Chat or email us at Good luck with your promotion campaign!

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